Recruitment Services

We offer recruitment services to the top companies in world for their permanent hiring needs.

We are there for Full Time Hiring Needs

Recruiting and retaining the best employees is one of the key elements of any successful business. The desire for greater productivity coupled with increased competitiveness has underlined the critical role people play in the success of their organisation. Yet, finding the right individual for the job is both challenging, and time-consuming. The ideal candidate needs not only to have the right knowledge and qualifications, but also the personal skills to be able to quickly embrace a new organisational culture and share in its vision and goals.

We offer consultancy and services for recruitment to the top companies in the world when they need permanent staffing. 

Unlike other recruiting firms, we pride ourselves on employing experienced professional recruiters. In every specialty we focus on, we understand the human resource challenges because we have been there.

At Insignia Global, we provide superior recruitment services for entry level, executive and senior-level positions. We adopt a personalized approach with direct engagements resulting in quicker placements of quality candidates. With clear communication in place, we stick to timelines and deliver what we promise. We specialize in volume sourcing, vertical and synergistic recruitments. Our team has solid experience and access to customized and industry-specific networks. These are constantly and regularly updated, resulting in outstanding candidate pools.

 We offer Recruitment Services in the following verticals:

  • HealthCare
  • IT and ITES        
  • Government
  • Sales & Marketing        
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing

Our Recruitment Process


We develop a unique sourcing strategy for each client requirement and candidates are identified from a wide variety of sources – not just job boards.


From the pool of sourced candidates our team screens and matches the potential candidates skills with the job requirement. Our team connects with the potential candidates and interviews them to access their fitment to the job role.


The candidates who pass the screening questions and who are interested and available for client interview are qualified as potential candidates.


The resumes of those candidates who are interested, available, and qualified by our team as a match to the job role, are submitted to the client for consideration.

Schedule Interview

Based on the feedback from the client our team will reach out to the shortlisted and approved candidates to schedule a client interview.

Interview Process

Our team performs a systematic follow-up with the candidate and the client to ensure a seamless client interview process.


Once the interview is complete, we discuss the experience on both sides to gain information, interest levels and determine next steps.


We work closely with client to create a fair offer and handle all negotiations on their behalf. Upon obtaining a positive verbal commitment from the candidate, we coordinate the formal offer rollout to the candidate.


Once the offer is officially accepted, we ensure a constant follow-up with the candidate and closely monitor counteroffer concerns and other potential issues to ensure a smooth on-boarding of the selected candidate.

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